Using a nextcloud server

If there is interest, we may install a NextCloud server for FLOSSK (something like If anybody is interested for using (or at least for testing it), please leave a “Like” or a comment.

I have been using it for personal purposes for about a year, and so far it has been working well. Are there any other people using it already? Any success (or failure) stories?

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We have been using Nextcloud ver. 12 at my day job for several years know for file sharing installed on a local server and has been working well unattended.

We also had a 1TB single disk Nextcloud Box at the Hackerspace with members getting drive space but has remained offline for months because nobody will configure it on the new network configuration. We need a volunteer to do that. @altin.ukshini knows what is required.

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@arianit I am talking about installing NextCloud in the cloud, with Docker and docker-scripts, which might be more flexible than an appliance or a local server in terms of upgrade, backup/restore of data, offsite backups, etc.

When I installed it for the first time it was version 15 or 16 I think, and now the latest stable version is 19. If you are still using version 12, I believe that you are missing something, because NextCloud is not just about file sharing, it is much more than that.

I would be happy if @altin.ukshini helps me install it on the FLOSSK server, and then migrate the members accounts and data from the old box to it.

By the way, installation with Docker is very easy, check these instructions: