Merge accounts on discourse

Can someone help on merging accounts here on Discourse?

Many were subscribed on mailman with two email addresses, hence when they were migrated here they must have received two invitations just as I did.

I’d like to merge my and emails into one discourse account. I can’t add my account in since the invitation has already been sent, but I don’t want to have two separate accounts on the forum either.

I did some googling and it seems there is a way to do this:

There is a button available to admin that can do it.

Can someone merge my two accounts then?

I’m currently using altin.uskhini with, but I haven’t activated (accepted the invitation) on the other one with Should I first accept the invitation, create the account and then merge it?

I could do it myself is you give me admin permissions so that I don’t have to bother you about this…

If you have time to help this is great. Let’s talk about it in the meeting.