Linux User Group Meetup

Linux User Group Meetup
March 10, at 18:00

On Wednesday at 18:00, in the Linux User Group, Mërgim Halimi will present “Intro to development with Linux and environment preparation for robotics development”.

Mërgim Halimi is a Software Engineer. He will discuss minimal Linux packages to start with, pros and cons of having highly customized environments, and will teach us how to compile the first program. He will then talk about Distro selection based on different needs, demo us the compiling of a random application from sources (random git repo) and be able to run it.

Through the end, we will see him preparing the environment for robotics development Robotics Operating System (ROS), which NASA’s Mars rovers run on. We will run the first robot simulation and navigate the robot.

Linux is the interplanetary operating system. :slight_smile:

Linux User Group is a new community FLOSSK is starting along with Python, Open Hardware, and OpenStreetMap/OSGeo User Groups which you are welcome to join.

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