FLOSSK is seeking US citizen to deliver GIS trainings in Prishtina

FLOSSK is seeking a US citizen to deliver FOSS GIS trainings to students in Prishtina, Kosovo.

FLOSSK is an NGO based in Prishtina, Kosovo which works on free and open source software. We are a local OSM Chapter. We are seeking a US citizen to deliver FOSS GIS training to students in Prishtina, Kosovo, any time from March - June 2022.

Train 20-30 university students through a four-day training.Travel tickets and accommodation will be covered by FLOSSK and will also be given a $166.25 net daily allowance for your stay in Prishtina. The daily allowance will be given for 8 days ($1,330) in total - four days for training sessions, and four days for preparation.

More about the project:
FLOSSK has created user groups with the open-source community members which include holding lectures and presentations that would develop these groups. With the U.S. Speakers project, FLOSSK aims to gather the open-source community for trainings that would contribute to acquiring skills in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, geographic information science, entrepreneurship, storytelling, programming, and others. With the help of these trainings, the participants will be oriented to different career options while also contributing to open source communities.

Furthermore, this project will serve as a linking opportunity for U.S. speakers with the open-source community in Kosovo.

If interested, please send us your CV or questions to info@flossk.org.