FLOSSK is hiring: Project Writer and Communications Specialist

Project Writer and Communications Specialist

FLOSSK is seeking a full-time project writer and communications specialist for 6-8 months, with the possibility of extension, to help in communication and project writing.

The person will be responsible for drawing and delivering a communication plan. Will evaluate and improve existing communication channels by finding effective methods to reach stakeholders on social media, traditional media, email, newsletters, etc.

The person will also be responsible for Project and Report writing by working with FLOSSK staff. The person will bring together FLOSSK resources and be able to understand the strong facets and position of FLOSSK and the needs and requirements of donors and stakeholders.


  • Draft reports, plans and projects based on inputs from the team
  • Develop proposals by assembling information including project nature, objectives/outcomes/deliverables, implementation, methods, timetable, staffing, budget, standards of performance, and evaluation
  • Adapt writing tone and voice in English and Albanian suitable to the audience being targeted
  • Assist in outreach on specific projects on FLOSSK channels of communication
  • Write and deliver communication plan
  • Ensure FLOSSK is well represented across the web


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Albanian
  • Critical thinking
  • Proven ability to take a project from ideation to production-ready
  • Ability to identify key audiences, stakeholders and partners
  • Project management skills
  • Experience in project writing
  • Experience in journalism is a plus
  • Tech skills are a plus
  • Self-motivated

Applicants should submit their electronic application in PDF format, to info@flossk.org

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • References/recommendations (optional)
  • Subject of the email: Project Writer and Communications Specialist - FLOSSK

Deadline | Wednesday, 05 August 2020
Indicative Timetable
Notification of short-listed candidates | 07 August 2020
Interviews | 08 August 2020
Expected start date | 15 August 2020

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

About Us

Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova (FLOSSK) is a non-governmental organization based in Prishtina established in 2009 to support, promote and develop free and open source software, open and participatory knowledge, education in information technologies through open courseware, and open standards, culture and open society using free communication.

FLOSSK has been involved in bringing Kosovo’s IT community closer to free and open source projects by organizing yearly conferences, workshops, meetups and actively participating in public policy development.

I don’t believe that open source organizations like FLOSSK could work well by hiring people. If people think about what they will benefit from this organization instead of what they will contribute to the community and to the society, it changes everything for worse (in my opinion).

Moreover, FLOSSK is not a profitable organization (up to my knowledge), it doesn’t sell any goods or services and makes no money (has no income). So I don’t see how it can sustain the model of hiring people with a regular payment. (Rewarding some people for their contributions is a different thing).

But I am not a management expert and don’t have much experience with that; maybe I am wrong. I also don’t know how other successful open source organizations work. If you know some, let’s discuss about them and let’s select one of them (or a couple) as a good example for us to follow.

Hi Dasho,

You are making a valuable point here. I believe that hiring right people to do the right job is mandatory but challenging as well. FLOSSK is growing up so in order to sustain itself and promote its vision, objectives and activities it needs more skilled people in some certain jobs, but without interfering in its core values, which are supervised by Executive Board and FLOSSK members like you :).

FLOSSK is a non profitable organization, it is funded by different Governmental and Non Governmental Organization to run its projects and activities. Thats how we pay people to do certain jobs that are needed in some activities which sometimes we look outside our community.

Maybe Arianit can list some of successful open source organization here.

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This is something that has concerned me as well Dashamir - not in relation only with FLOSSK but with local FLOSS organizations in general, but I think it is something that can be discussed in another thread. Actually I’m opening a new thread right now :slight_smile:



FLOSSK has revenue and currently has one 1 full time employee and 1 part time finance person. We also pay people to do certain work based on projects.

There are different models out there among FLOSS organizations. FSFE has quite a few employees (~40?) versus OSM Foundation which I think has only 1 paid administrative person. Debian Project probably only pays the Debian leader as well. Some of these organizations have a large pool of volunteers globally, and this culture does not yet exist in Kosovo or not at the level where you could depend on them, meaning professional or semi professional.