About the Infrastructure category

In this category we discuss issues about the infrastructure of FLOSSK and coordinate the actions for maintaining and improving it.

If you are interested about system administration, application installation, configuration and maintenance, improving the communication and collaboration infrastructure of the community, etc. you are welcomed to join.

In this category we will discuss technical (or non-technical) issues related to the applications that might be useful for the communication and collaboration infrastructure, like:

  • The discourse forum itself. Despite being installed, it has tons of configuration options and plugins. Finding the best ones for an effective communication remains a challenge.

  • Code collaboration, like Gitea / Gitlab. These might be useful mainly for documenting configurations and settings.

  • Instant messaging apps like RocketChat / Matrix / Riot.

  • Other applications like NextCloud, Moodle, etc. that might be useful for the community members. We may also provide support for them to other organizations (like schools, institutions, etc.) if needed.

If you have lots of experience you can help with advice and suggestions, and you can share your experience with the others. If you don’t have much experience you can learn more by getting involved and collaborating with the others.